Who We Are

M/S. Shailron Technology Private Limited. has developed its strong capability in providing services and commercialization of leading-edge and higher technology Instrumentation for Plant Science, Natural Resource and Environmental Research from overseas principals in Indian Scientific Market.

A Philosophy

Central to the SHAILRON business Philosophy is the formation of strategic alliances and joining hands with significant overseas companies and individuals whose skills and capabilities hence the ability to deliver high technology products an services to its markets. We have been engaged by many reputed overseas principals, we have done considerable business for the most of the overseas principals since last few years.

Our Core Values

The company has experienced rapid growth since 2001. The SHAILRON management team comprises people with blend of skills attuned to the needs of Service Oriented Industry. Collective our group has extensive experience in the complex task of bringing new and innovative products, ideas and process to market.

Sales promotion, generating the inquiries and seals leads, submission of perform Invoice on behalf of our principals arrange principals Performa Invoice on behalf of our principals arranging principals Perform invoice & assisting customers to open letter of Credit in the bank in favor of our principals.

Installation & Demonstration & Training of Principals products range marketed by us in India. Warranty Services free to the customer on behalf of principals and Post Warranty Services on Annual Contract for the Products from the customers.